New in version 5.3

- Faster creating trimming preview image.
- Added support for .sox files.
- It is now possible to convert AnimGIF to any other format.
- Improved FFmpeg search feature.
- Improved and faster encoding to H265 with the default settings.
- Improved default quality for AV1 encoding.
- Improved watchfolder scanning (faster).
- Improved passthru wizard.
- Improved FFmpeg error handling.
- Fixed issue entering a target file size .
- Fixed issue using the 'Set target type’.
- Fixed issue loading old presets that uses bitrate mode.

Important! my·FFmpeg does not include a compiled FFmpeg file. You have to compile or download this yourself.

For Windows 8, 10 and 11 (64bit)

FFmpeg files for Windows

Download FFmpeg (Codec version).

Download FFmpeg (BtbN version).

Download FFmpeg (Jeremylee version)

FFmpeg Source

Download FFmpeg Source

FFmpeg build Scripts

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FFmpeg Compile Tutorial

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